Sexy Halloween Costumes

Halloween costumes come in all disguises. Personally, I love the sexy lingerie style costumes, at least for after the party. Depending on where you're spending Halloween, you might enjoy one of these sexy outfits.

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XXXopoly for Valentine's Day

Counting down until Valentine's Day...the age old question, what to give?  You can buy a gift that's just for him or for her, but how about a gift that is for both?

Indulge your sensual connection and try XXXopoly.  Like the popular family board game, you roll the dice and land on a sexual space. Each space has a sexual task ranging from kissing to hmmmm, use your imagination. If your partner lands on your space, they can either perform that task or get out of it by paying money.  But make sure you don't run out of money or you won't be able to buy your own spaces.

Perfect for a Valentine's night of fun, a bachelorette or anniversary gift.

Golden Globes 2013 Fashions & More

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I have to say, of all the awards shows, I enjoy the Golden Globes. I love the humor and when you combine the Moet champagne with the fashions of the evening, it's a good time.

I have to say, I'm not a fan of the cutouts in the dresses.

I started this post too late to remember correctly the humorous lines that were delivered in the first hour, but thanks for the laughs.

I LOVED the speech by the president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and when she said to Bradley Cooper "Call Me Baby", it cracked me up and I was grateful for a president that had a sense of humor.

Jennifer Lawrence, winner of Best Actress, Comedy or Musical, for "Silver Linings Playbook,"  got a big laugh with her first line of  "I beat Meryl!" and ended with thanking Harvey Weinstein "for killing whoever you had to kill to get me up here today."

I'm My Dreams, This is What I Always Look Like

I'm My Dreams, This is What I Always Look Like
We all have it. A "dream look." The look you want to see reflected in mirrors and men's locked gazes as you pass by, night or day. And of course, that look would have to be achieved with very little effort. A wake up, fluff the hair, slick on lip gloss and go-in-five-minutes ability would be preferred.

Here is my dream look. Lush, tousled long blonde curls, red lips, stunning makeup, luscious curves, incredible jewelry and a wardrobe to die for.

How close am I to that dream? I do have long, blonde hair that I attempt to curl like this photo, but I need to make an appointment first thing in the morning to get this color.

I love to wear red lipstick, and when I do, it's usually a deep blue-red shade. I do have incredible jewelry and I have signature pieces I wear everyday or I feel naked.

I have natural nails that grow like weeds that have to be filed down every week to all the same length because one short nail and nine long ones drives me crazy. Breaking a nail used to be traumatic, but I'm over it now that shorter nails are popular. My go to nail color is OPI's Rosy Future - a translucent shimmery hologram pink that hides wear and can last a week easy with with top coat touch ups.

As for curves, let's say I have them, and a few of them could be whittled down a bit, but I'll take my curvy hour glass any day, even if my "size" isn't quite down to the number I'd like to see on the scale. How about you? What's your dream look?

DIY Facial Mask Perfect for a Sunday Afternoon

I decided today was going to be a feminine pampering day.  I had been writing all morning, pinning, tumblring and basically getting it done while I was still in my pink and purple plaid flannel pajamas. Hey, it was in the 30's this morning in Southern California and my bedroom was about 58 degrees when I woke up. Not a night for sexy lingerie!

I decided a detoxing bath was just the thing, so after soaking in Epson Salts and a few drops of lavender essential oil, I showered and it was time to lather on the facial mask.

I picked this mask because it only had two ingredients - powered milk and water. So I mixed up 3 teaspoons of powered milk and a little more than 1 teaspoon of water to form a tick paste.

I have to say, the mask was lumpy and smelled like baby bottle milk and corn chips when I was putting it on and it was quite a turn off until I was either used to the smell or it disappeared. Next time, I will add some honey - an option ingredient I had elected to do without - if only to improve the smell.

Okay, the directions said to let it sit for 15 minutes. I grabbed my lazy clothes for the day - black yoga pants and a poppy red V-neck that would hopefully draw attention away from my "no makeup but lipstick" look I had elected to go with. Then I touched my face.

The mask was as hard as concrete after about 10 minutes. I splashed warm water on my face and gently started to wash it off. After a few minutes, I grabbed a washcloth as this stuff was really stuck.

The end result? Smooth, soft, silky skin that looked incredible! Would I do it again? Yes, but I will be adding a little honey to improve the smell.  Now that I know to expect the concrete hardening aspect, I can say it's worth it for the silky smooth complexion this mask reveals.


"Are you Weak in the Knees Yet?"

"Are you Weak in the Knees Yet?" Shirtless Ryan Gosling
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Ryan Gosling in Gangster Squad When I heard the line "Are you weak in the knees yet?" in the movie trailer for Gangster Squad, I have to say, the answer was "Yes!!!"

Add that the line was delivered by Ryan Gosling and it elevates it on the "wow" meter to one of the best movie quotes.

While I believe every movie contract should require Ryan to be shirtless for a majority of his scenes, this line was unfortunately delivered fully clothed. But he was quite dapper in his gangster attire.

What's your favorite movie line that makes you weak in the knees and who said it?